Workshop needs analysis

The following tool comprises a questionnaire along with a self-evaluation section to identify areas where BLANKBRICKS workshops might be useful. It has been adapted from the benchmarking tool developed by IHKProjektgesellschaft mbH in Germany. 

Please answer the following questions critically and honestly. It should take around 10 minutes. 

Customer and market
Do you know the market for your products or services? *
Do you actively adapt your activities to your market conditions? *
Where do you sell your products and services? *
Do you compare your products and services with the current requirements of the market? *
Do you know the expectations of your customers? *
How does your enterprise appear in public? *
How do you imagine co-operation in your enterprise? *
What significance does co-operation have for your enterprise? *
Are foreign languages needed in your enterprise? *
Corporate management
Do you have any solid future development ideas? *
Is there a system of entrepreneurial planning? *
Do you check the effectiveness of corporate actions? *
What is auditing for you? *
Which instruments of audit do you mainly use? *
How do you exchange information within the enterprise? *
How do you guarantee constant quality in your enterprise? *
Products and Services
Do you know and use the competitive advantage of your products/services? *
Do you regularly change your products and services? *
Are you looking for new ideas? *
Are employees asked to think and told about the company future? *
What do you think about the working atmosphere? *
Are staff appraisals regularly held? *
Do you enable staff to work independently? *
How do you assess the commitment and motivation of your employees? *
Do regularly team meetings take place? *
Operational Organisation
Do you have enough time to deal with the strategic development of your enterprise? *
What is the role of computer technology in your enterprise? *
Which means of communication are used in your company? *
Your Details
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